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"You've got health insurance - you don't need medpay

Dec.19, 2019

"You've got health insurance - you don't need medpay . . ."

"You've got health insurance - you don't need medpay . . ." That's what my staff's own auto insurance company once told her when renewing her annual auto policy. Absolutely not true! Medpay ("medical payments," under your own auto insurance) and health insurance work differently, although they can be used together if properly managed, with an experienced attorney to oversee the process. Here's why you DO need medpay: Nevada based medpay policies typically do NOT require subrogation (i.e., that you pay them back for whatever auto-accident medical bills they pay for), where health insurance typically DOES require subrogation. Also, as long as the accident was not your fault, your auto insurance can't raise your rates when you use your medpay, which you pay only a bit more in premiums to have. In fact, medpay is so important to have, your insurance company is required by law to prove they offered it to you, AND that you rejected it!

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