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Jan. 14, 2020

Uninsured/Underinsured (UMBI) Motorist Coverage

Tuesday's Tip Make sure you have Uninsured/Underinsured (UMBI) Motorist Coverage Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI) pays you, your household relatives and passengers in your insured motor vehicle for damages resulting from bodily injury or death arising out of accidents caused by uninsured motorists and in most cases, by hit-and-run motorists. It may also, cover damages arising out of accidents caused by motorists whose liability limits are not sufficient to cover your claim. UMBI provides two limits of coverage. (i.e 100/300) The first is the maximum amount paid for injury or death to any one person. The second figure is the maximum amount paid by insurance (regardless of the number of people involved) for injury or death stemming from a single occurrence. How Much Coverage Do I Need? To choose an appropriate limit, you may want to consider your ability to meet your medical expenses and other financial obligations if you were injured in an automobile accident.Being in an accident and can be very stressful. Give us a call today (702) 538-5761 and let us handle the stress for you.

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